Light Time goes beyond the mere essence of a watch.It doesn’t limit itself to provide objects that “only” mark the passage of time. Whoever wears Light Time wants “something more.” With Light Time quality merges with style, the quality of materials used winks at the trends of the moment and reinterprets the past ones in a modern way. From steel to polycarbonate, From leather to canvas: the mantra of Light Time is to produce lightweight watches, reliable and always up to date with the latest trend. They’re truly fashion watches, perfect for any occasion: those who don’t want to go unnoticed won’t be able to stay without it.


La collezione Velvet include modelli Uomo e Donna. Cassa e bracciale in policarbonato vellutato al tatto, movimento al quarzo myota giapponese, resistente all’acqua 5ATM, fibbia acciaio a scomparsa.


A metallic watch, and much more besides …
The first watch created as the Light Time brand in 2004. Now it’s back: even more transparent, even lighter and more solid thanks to the reliability of polycarbonate. Screw-down crown and case back, resistant to a pressure of 5 atmospheres..

black or white

Black or White, with strass for ladies, without for men, which retains a touch of classicism despite its unconventional design. Lightweight polycarbonate sports watch, can be worn for a run in the park and at the same time to show off at a gala. It is a watch that identifies a different way of thinking, in short, it’s a true icon of nonconformity.


The modern interpretation of a timeless classic: the dial and curved glass, stainless steel bracelet or leather. Vintage is the style and elegance of the past, mixed with a modern appearance and design.


Class is not just the water, class is … Essential. A combination of quality and style.
On your wrist during a game of tennis, during a boat trip or a first night at the theatre, Essential always rises to the occasion. A timeless style, where the simple substitution of a leather strap with another style allows the wearer to immerse themselves in the different contexts of life, whilst maintaining a high level of style

timeless sport



A look that makes Cuba the emblem of classic and universal watch style.
Timeless in form and functionality.
Coloured quadrants lend a touch of vivacity, the interchangeability of the bracelets give new life, always classy and without ever being obvious.

saint tropez